wdio step got stuck in Bamboo build job

I came through with very strange situation where my bamboo build got stuck and bamboo build hanger has killed the build process after certain inactivity

I have then tried with removing build time out but again webdriverio wdio step was hanged in bamboo build at the same place and was’t progressing …

I tried all the possible combinations, such as changing wdio config location, including in build directory, modifying it, tried for echo, etc but nothing was working at all and the wdio remains stuck at same bamboo build step.

It was always showing the build was stuck as below

wdio issue 1 - DevOpsBuzz


The issue was really strange since the same code with webdriverio (wdio) configuration was working in my local and my colleague’s local machine as well.

I tried to debug inside the bamboo build agent and found that the process was not progressing when the webdriverio step was initiated.

I had then tried to run the same process (also the same script) in Bamboo and guess what ?

It was working perfectly fine on bamboo build agent as well.


I have then tried to figure out since the same build used to run few weeks ago.

I pointed back to working version code and updated with develop branch code, tried with several changes but nothing has worked.

I have then realised the yarn has upgraded the webdriverio version as well as part of dependency management and updating to latest version.

I reverted back to old version of webdriverio with the latest code changes and yes that was the issue.

Now my build is working absolutely fine and changing the webdriver version to 4.8.0 from 4.9.8  has resolved issue for me

Screen Shot 2017 11 30 at 4.02.48 pm - DevOpsBuzz

wdio issue 2 - DevOpsBuzz



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